In the end I am alone

Alone with my thoughts.

Thinking how life had evolved.

In the short time I am embraced.

By your cold heart.


I am here.

Wanting to be love again.



By the warmth of your summer breeze.

Next to the sea.

Teeming with life.

That I feel I belong.


Papi … In Memoriam

It’s too painful

To think

That you are gone

Without saying goodbye.

At first, I don’t want to believe

Because in my heart you live,

As part of me

And everybody else.

I keep the memory

Of our time together;

When we don’t have anybody

But each other.

Now you have gone

To a far away place

Never to return again

In my arms

The act of terrorism

Just became too real for me

When it finally got you

And took you away.

I pray that the angels

Carry your soul to the heavens

To watch over us

Until the time we meet again.

Remember …

You have touched many lives

While you served

To protect and defend

The weak

I am proud to have known you.

To have been your friend

And above all

To have loved you.

Good bye Papi.

The Angels will

Take care of you now.

Adios ❤


Full Moon Over Shivapuri Hills

As I sat in my balcony

Watching the moon

Rises from the east

To give light

In the night

Over the hills


Reading my book

Under the moonlight

Listening to the sound of the crickets

Adding to the mystery of the night


As the moon tries to keeps its glory

The clouds moved in to cover

The light and give in to the night

To give rest to the tired body

But I know as I lay in my bed

That the moon is out there

To watch over me