Papi … In Memoriam

It’s too painful

To think

That you are gone

Without saying goodbye.

At first, I don’t want to believe

Because in my heart you live,

As part of me

And everybody else.

I keep the memory

Of our time together;

When we don’t have anybody

But each other.

Now you have gone

To a far away place

Never to return again

In my arms

The act of terrorism

Just became too real for me

When it finally got you

And took you away.

I pray that the angels

Carry your soul to the heavens

To watch over us

Until the time we meet again.

Remember …

You have touched many lives

While you served

To protect and defend

The weak

I am proud to have known you.

To have been your friend

And above all

To have loved you.

Good bye Papi.

The Angels will

Take care of you now.

Adios ❤



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