Learning from a Child

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Having no children of my own, I am not without them around my life. In fact, I have one living with us even before she was born, and having a child around, made life easier for all of us especially my parents.

I learned that children are a good healer

When before my parents were regular visitor of our family hospital emergency room with all sorts of ails, but after the arrival of A all aches and pains were gone and both my parents were always heard arguing whose turn it is to carry the little bundle of joy. With that, it reduced the visits to the emergency room from weekly to almost none in one year.

I learned that children are good diffuser when tensions are palpable in the room …

A’s mother was a child herself when she stumbled in our house one Christmas season. Clueless of what would become of her – delivering a child out of wedlock and in an unfamiliar place. My parents were not sold to the idea that me and my cousin will take full responsibility of both the mother and child and gave all the possible scenario of what could be — the “bleak” version.

Especially my Mom, she’s clear pf what should be done once A was born – to return them to their family and be done with it. Or so we thought! As soon as A was born my mom was the first visitor in the hospital taking charge of how-to being the only one seasoned in the art of child-care, to bark orders on how to take care of a baby.

After a couple of hours, all misgivings were gone and telling everyone that wants to listen that she’s a grandmother and that the baby will grow up in our house.

I learned too the children could be an enabler

Since Mom passed away, Dad’s best friend now is A. They are inseparable except when she has to go to school.

As age progressed Dad’s health has been closely monitored and his doctors are happy because he’s able to control his medical conditions and very disciplined when it comes to diet. But when A whine, saying she’s never given enough food to eat (well I asked them not to give cookies after 3pm or she’ll be like pokemon-go character you cannot make her stop until you kick-her) Dad would easily relent and before we knew it both of them are enjoying jarful of the forbidden crumbs.

But above all children can love without condition

Because of their innocence, they are capable of loving without inhibitions and condition except if she’s first honor I will have to buy her Barbie’s dream house … oh boy! 

In our race against time, we forget to be like a child – we try very hard to be an adult when situations can be settled without so much fuss like a child wanting to get on to the next color in the m&m bottle.

Maybe the world will be a better place if we try harder to be more tolerant, to love unconditionally, to not want more than what we need and to learn to give back and show respect where respect is due.

“A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”
― Carl Sandburg



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