Afternoon Delight

Winter is already forgotten, the images in front of my house has been changing day after day since I arrived. Before I just marvel at the beauty of sunset everyday and I don’t see much happening down at the beach, the weather was still too cold to be hanging around and even attempting to go in the water.

Come May, the scene has transformed. More and more people are flocking in the beach, cabannas and makeshift resorts suddenly are there, while families pitch their own tents and taking a nice dip in the Mediterranean sea.

Summer is fast approaching.

The water is still cold,  the waves still changes and today it’s cloudy but it does not stop strings of people (and cars) coming to the beach across my hotel.

Too bad I can only marvel and enjoy what I see from a distance.

My afternoon would be incomplete without me sitting in my couch watching the sun set in the west while below my room, and across the streets are images of fun and family gatherings. Taking advantage of the warm afternoon sun and cool waters and let’s not forget bounty of food.

Include in the mix horses and camels walking up and down the beach.




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