Humanity, Religion and Prayer

We thread religion differently. Some thread lightly others with heavy footing, and myself I am on the former than the latter. Though I am sure of my faith, I do not openly engage people in matters of religion as respect to everyone opinion but when I do get into one, that is another story altogether but never did it end up badly.

Being a Catholic, I am conscious of how my faith practice translates to other people. Especially when I am outside the Philippines, though I am open with it, I thread on it lightly to not offend those that are not of the same faith. I was not immune from ridicule simply because I wear my rosary ring wherever I am and that was funny enough to other people because they thought I was labeling myself. I remember I told that person “I am happy to be doing it myself than others” – labeling I mean and kept my ring on.

I have friends from all religion. Recently I made friends to people who are Hindu, Buddhist and someone who believes that religion is the universe, perfect! Islams I have plenty from many countries. But none of those friends tried to convince me to follow them when we are in the discussion of faith – not even telling me who is better religion mine or theirs.

If I can exist to live a good life and relationships with people of other faith, why is religion such a hot topic? More often than not result to arguments and worst, a cause of war.

Pretty sure each one of us will have his or her opinion on it but whatever that is, does it have to result to violence? to death? to enslaving? to destruction?

This video, shared in the social media by Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church invites us to be open and accepting. To keep on praying for the good of the world, of your country, of each other, of yourself because it is for humanity. We are interconnected and if we use religion as the bridge to get the peace everybody wants we have to start with ourselves regardless of what religion you have or who or what we venerate.

The most important thing is that we are sure that we believe in something and that something help us to be a better person for others.

That is the most humane thing to do. Do you agree?



Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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