On The Third Day it brings with it HOPE

New year brings new hope no doubt about it but it also brings with it the unrequited memories of last year and years before that, whether you or for you and not necessarily love but more often than not it is about it.

The new year seems like a beacon that reminds us that we have to renew what needs to be done and if not then to dump it and move on.

Yes, move on.

A lot of us, me included, cannot leave some of our past(s) behind. We hold on to what should have, could have and would have been if only … we have that tendencies to overthink of the future that we forget to remember that we are actually at present.

The present, not wrapped in red glittery sheet with a bow, but an open gift that renews ones hope everyday that life will be different if only we choose it to be.

So on the third day of twenty sixteen, my true self gave to me is HOPE that

… life will be¬†good

… challenges will be tolerable

… friendship will be real

… love would be unconditional

… freedom is sweet

… peace is possible

… travel will be far and wide

… kindness is eternal

… courage is in me and in you

… fighting is over

… surrender is godly

… differences are tolerated

… charity begins with me

Right here, right now!



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