Stroke of Midnight

We celebrated new year way ahead of most of the world … at least by half a day! So when all my friends in the US and Europe were doing their countdown I was in the living room trying to get inspiration on what to write, instead I got hooked on watching re-runs of Vampire Diaries.

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What is it with vampire stories lately … well actually in 2015?

I thought I will not like it but the more I get to see glimpse of it – as in one or two episodes the more I got curious. Soon I’ll be downloading them and spend weekends glued to watching how it all began.

More vampires, witches and zombies throw in some aliens or shall I call them metahumans. These character completes my days when I was not working.

Let’s start of with …

The Flash … I like the thought that there are people among us who has powers from the elements around us. I like to meet them.

Though I am getting tired of the hero – the Flash getting pummeled by other stronger villain. But I also know, DC comics made heroes like that – weak but actually strong to keep us rooting for the underdogs! go go flash.

Then I got to watch Izombie, a doctor that decided to have a life outside the hospital she attended a party in a boat only to be scratched by a crazy guy who turned out to be tainted with zombie blood. So the doctor died and was re-born a zombie.

How to detect them? Well they turned white, they lost all pigments but no problem with day or night like vampires and grew an appetite for spicy human brain.

Are they bad? well only if they are hungry or when the doctor-zombie is mad.

I am liking it, can’t wait for season 2.

In Nepal, while writing my report, I got hooked with the series called Sleepy Hollow and the cable was running a weekend recap of the latest (at that time) seasons. I forgot the writing for half a day (I continued in the night – bad planning) and watched all 5 episodes and promised myself I will watch the first season to see how it wall began. Now I got to the third and can’t wait for the mid season premier to see what happened to Icabod Crane — who I thought as a young child was the headless horseman but actually it was his friend Andrew whom he betrayed because the woman Andrew loved, loved Icabod instead. What a twist! But that is season one … now they have more enemies, fiercer and more fun to watch. And don’t forget to notice his accent and his fashion forward outfits.

The Originals was not appealing as a vampire story title but since I watched two episodes I realized it was indeed appropriate — the thought that the original vampires are hard to kill makes me want to know why, so maybe if I keep on watching I’ll learn their secrets (secret to eternal youth ha ha). Plus the fact that most of them are good looking makes me want to know if the guy across me in the train is actually a vampire or gay (no malice intended), too clean shaven to be my standard of the boy next door.

There are more movies and TV series that deals with the undead or the super humans. We are never short of it. If only they real the world would be a better place.

The un-dead can start sucking the blood of the corrupt official and hanging them dry to feed the vultures while the super humans can reverse the effect of climate change by planting trees at the speed of light and turning back the time for when life was simpler and cheaper.

COP21 should start recruiting meta humans … work can be done faster, cheaper and they don’t need a lot of guidelines to do their job. The same to fight ISIS, no waste in weapons and no death except to those that deserve them and migration will not be problem and rich countries will not suddenly develop xenophobia.

Like I said, 2015 and even before that have no shortage of the supernatural. You will have a lot to choose from and hopefully you enjoy watching them the way I do … when not busy that is.

Check out see what you fancy …

You can add more of what you fancy … let me know might get me interested.

For now … Happy Monkey New Year! 





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