Slow down, take time to reflect … it’s almost Christmas

I just came back from another work related trip helping people get over the devastation brought forth by the earthquake last April and May in Nepal. Every country in that situation, we always have to work according to schedule — to make sure we get to the next stage on time.

Time is always so important to catch these days … people seem to be not having enough of it. Sure I have a lot at the moment but when I look around, when I try to meet up with people, mostly tells me “maybe next time” or “let’s re-schedule“.

The next stage after my work was done in Nepal will require more time – development work takes time, needs a lot of trial to get it right and sometimes we don’t have enough of it until we move on to the next job.

But life is not a job – it has to be lived. We cannot always be slaved to time and say “we do this for our family, to have a good life etc.“. Sure, I agree but then, I am sure one can manage to slow down time and have something more meaningful especially for the season.

As I observe, now that I am back, and back here at home people are busy catching up with everything to reach the deadline for the coming of Jesus, the birth of our Lord. But is it really for that, that we are running after time?

We are moving too fast that many of us forget that we need to slow down to reflect what the season is for — a time to share our lives and love for others, a time to reconnect, a time to be a better person.

But it seems where I live, people are too busy to care —

Waking up early to reach the bus station before traffic catch them in the middle and be late.

Going home too late to let the traffic ebb or to have time in the night to find what else can be wrapped up as present now that malls have extended their opening time.

Rushing out on weekend to catch up on the remaining days to do the shopping that cannot be done on weekdays because were too consumed with work.

I am just saying that now its barely five days till Christmas Day, we should take the time to slow down and reflect on how we want to celebrate this year … whom we celebrate it with … and why we celebrate it.

May you find the star in your Christmas this year … Merry Christmas.


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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