Glimpse of the Fish Tail

When will you show your face? 

That’s the question I asked nature when after the “fish tail” (Mount Machhapuchchhre) showed a glimpse of its peak for a few minutes, the clouds covered it up again and night soon descended on us.

It’s holiday, no work, it’s the week-long Dashain festival, a Hindu festival that gives praise to all their gods and to its animal representation  to celebrate the defeat of the demons by their gods and of course it’s an opportunity for me to see a little bit of the country other than the places I go for work.

So after much planning and mulling about where to go I ended up where everybody (meaning my colleagues) went — Pokhara, the easiest place to go with the time I have and with the fuel shortage situation in the country.  In case you don’t know the country just promulgated its first ever constitution and days after tension rises and soon enough borders along India was blocked so are the trucks delivering fuel and gas, that was over 3 weeks ago. Since then prices have gone up and small restaurant have stopped cooking others resorted to wood and so are air, taxi and bus fares.

So I stayed central instead of going east, where the top of the world is … the Mount Everest. Maybe next time, but I am settling to the second best … the Annapurna Range so it’s nothing to be sad about. Not that I am climbing it or something, I am past my prime, I just want to stare and admire and say to myself …

another dream fulfilled, well done!

When I arrived in June, I still have the impression and expectations I had when I was a child that the Himalayas was towering over the capital Kathmandu and all of Nepal. That it’s peaks embraces the whole of the country.

Well, it is true of course but then when I arrived, I was disappointed.

I arrived at the time when clouds covered most if not all of it and soon the monsoon begun and there was no chance for me to see any of the “white mountain” until October. When all the clouds will go and the climbing season begins … not that the latter has effect on the clouds, its supposed to give tourists like me opportunity to see what famed Pokhara has to offer.

Now it’s October, everybody was saying that this is the best time to see Annapurna. Even friends who made the famous Annapurna Circuit say this is the month to see them. I waited for this days to come … I can’t give up hope 🙂

So here I am, my second day in Pokhara (take note I only have 6 days holiday – that includes Saturday and Sunday) and still no show. The clouds are determined to hide their faces — even woke up early to wait for the sunrise but still no show not even the hills around it.

But at least, I got a glimpse of one of it’s peak … the smallest one of the many peaks in Annapurna when I arrived yesterday, so there is hope right?

Had a short glimpse of the Machhapuchchhare tip also known as the “fish tail” when I arrived in Pokhara (photo was taken on the balcony of Gautama GH)

Today it was raining so tomorrow again I pray the sky will clear and finally I will see the mountains … face to face in Sarangkot!


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