Waiting Prepares You to See Life in a Different Perspective

My hooves are back on the path of development again… well, maybe not just yet but I am back out there in the bush doing what I like doing and getting the satisfaction someone my age gets when meeting new people, teaching in classrooms without wall and seeing God’s creation at it’s best.

When I look back in my life, I am very thankful because when I was young(er) I only dream of the places I want to be when I grow up and knew them because I either read them or see them on TV. Then I grew up, chose a career I thought would make me rich and give me the life I always wanted — a rich life! But instead it brought me to the path of life that you get rich indeed but not with money but with the beauty the world has to offer (but a little money on the side would not be so bad to have too).

Now here I am in Nepal. May not be of the best circumstances to be here right now because of the destruction brought by the last 2 big one but I am here enjoying the beauty of what I always thought was the roof of the world that I always said …

one day I will get to see you and be awed by your beauty …

the snow capped mountain you have …

the peaks that reaches up to the heavens …

the Mt. Everest and the Himalaya that I always imagine.

Although I haven’t seen it yet, I am sure one day I will but for the mean time I am enjoying what I have at my disposal.

Nepal 139

Cruising along these roads being awed by the beauty of what’s in front of you knowing that they are all around you is enough for now.

Buntang 199

Waking up to this beautiful sight every morning is awesome … makes you feel like God is really making you feel he loves you so much, and I fee the love.

Nepal 141

Seeing these people enjoying life amidst their problem makes me want to continue the life I choose for myself … and this is something I will cherish to see until the end

Buntang 174

Standing in the holy ground lifts the spirit up to the gods … and sleeping within it brought rest and contentment one deserve after a hard day of labor (of love and joy).

There’s no turning back … I am here ready to begin again a new adventure, shorter but more meaningful adventure I hope.

Maybe this is what I was waiting for … a change of scenery!



  1. amommasview · July 18, 2015

    Wow. It looks stunning…

    Liked by 1 person

    • D · July 19, 2015

      Thanks. It is …


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