The Binays and the shame of the Philippines

Shame on you Filipinos who can’t read between the lines and see whose telling the truth and those blatantly lying.
Read on and be informed (and hopefully enlightened).

The Society of Honor: the Philippines

binay-and-the-bsp rappler [Photo credit: Rappler] When surfers sit on their boards peering seaward, they are looking for a wave that works, that crests big and in the right place and at the right time.

A wave is now rising in the Philippines and we must watch to see if it is the one so many of us have been looking for. The one where the people’s desire for honesty and decency and a better life rises tall and magnificent to break across the Philippines and wash it clean.

The wave is represented by Filipinos who say, simply and passionately:

“No to Binay”

The Binay family is not a shame unto itself. We cannot expect the family to walk with genuine humility. It is a family that, from all available evidence, knows no shame. Its members believe any criticism is offensive. They are entitled to the grace and dignity granted kings and queens. Critics are the scoundrels in their lexicon…

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