Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Sue Monk Kidd


How many of you have seen the movie Secret Life of Bees?

It’s a period movie adapted by Gina Prince-Bythewood based on the book of the same title by the author Sue Monk Kidd. Set in the time of separation of colored against white Americans. Where owning a colored servant was a status symbol of landed masters.

It is a story about a lost girl finding life, love and courage in a family of colored women who in the past had given the same love to the main character Lily mother when she too was lost. The family that adopted her sells honey and in spite of them being colored they are respected by the community and can stand on their own – does not bow down to any master.

As a young girl meeting a young boy for the first time sparked an emotion she was not aware of but as in the quotation — the love they have for each other cannot happen because they are different. It was a start of self discovery for young Lily about her past, her emotions and her future as one of the sisters taking care and learning from the bees.

At present, the story may resonate so much to the reality of life in a different context.  There still remains indifference and discrimination between people of color, about religion and ethnicity, evident with the news around the world which results to violence to the point of killing mercilessly.

Maybe watching the story can give young people more insight on life, love and tolerance and also about standing up to what you believe without radicalizing your own ideologies. We live in an infinite world — what goes around comes around, therefore we should learn to live in a world where diversity and differences are the norm.

About the author:

Sue Monk KiddI was re-introduced to Sue Monk Kidd when I spent time with my sister last year. I watched the movie and read Secret Life of Bees not so long ago while on a mission but I didn’t bother to look her up or her books until that week-long retreat I did before the holidays.

Her book When the Heart Waits is one of the book I read and guide in my spiritual journey.  I recommend it to those who also seek guidance towards spirituality or just to learn more about the virtue of waiting.

To read more about her check this site http://suemonkkidd.com/author/

For her books http://suemonkkidd.com/books/

Reviews for her novel and the movie Secret Life of Bees (and rating by Roger Ebert)

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