Mamasapano: on proximate cause and the butterfly effect

It’s nice to read something different from what I read in the paper and what I hear and see in the news … a different take on how situation could have been and I hope we have more of this kind of public opinion in wider audience to enlighten people and not rely in an “entertainment” like take on the result of the reports by both the BOI and Senate.

The Society of Honor: the Philippines

Napenas-senate philstar [Photo credit:]  Why Napena’s Oplan is the “proximate cause”, and not the break in chain of command

by Andrew Lim

With the Board of Inquiry’s report and the Senate Committee’s report now both out, everyone has an opinion on:

  1. who is to blame (to hold responsible or to place responsibility for; very imprecise and can be based solely on opinion.)
  1. who is liable (a legal term for responsibility for one’s act or omissions which results in injury; it requires evidence of the duty to act, failure to fullfill that duty, and the proximate cause of that failure to inflict harm or injury.)

Like most events, the Mamasapano incident is a complex, non-linear system. One can imagine a dot that lead to several dots, with each point sprouting outwards continuously, all intricately linked, with some exerting greater effect on the other dots than the others.

Even the starting dot is debatable. Some…

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