Interpreting Lent In My Life

Kept telling myself I will try to keep up with the times and update my blog while at the same time looking back at the good memories few decades back and writing about it.

Was I able to accomplish that?

Well not really but I did find the time to go through the life I had way way back, when I turned my room upside down trying to find more space for the stuff I recently accumulated. Spring cleaning came early in my room even though we don’t have spring weather here literally 🙂

You imagine the surprised looks I received from my family when I asked for cleaning materials — they asked if I am sick because I said I will clean my room. Actually my family attributes my desire to clean only when I am sick because it rarely happens. They let me.

I had blasts from the past during that week.  I am never good at cleaning, at putting back what I took the same way I took it. That’s why I can never be a thief, I am noisy and I am forgetful how the place look like before I started moving things around — not that I have plans to be one in the future, but I had a good time with my accomplishments that week.

What I found in my cupboard …

Anyway, as I go through the tasks at hand I found in the deep recesses of my cupboard box full of computer discs and readers I had during the first part of Y2K. I forgot all about those and I have no opportunity to see what I had kept in those discs, so I guess that would be a mystery left to be discovered by e-wall.

Then I found all my university and early travel photos – printed in 3R and 5R sizes. Raking my brain to remember all the names of the people in each photo while a smile was plastered on my face all the time. I am one of those people who is good in remembering images like faces and good at reading maps so I don’t forget places but I am very bad with names.

Did you experience riding in a public transport or walking in busy streets or mall and someone called you and started talking to you about your history together and you just kept on smiling and uttering “uh-u” but trying hard to remember who the person is in front of you? 

It happened a lot to me and its awkward but I never learn. I said I’ll write them down and keep a mental picture of the event where we met but of course that’s hard to keep up with so many people I met over the years, it is always bound to happen to me. However awkward the situation is I have no choice but to ask them as pleasant as I could for their names and where we met … some friend!

So however long I stare at those old photos I can only recall a hand full of names but I remember very much the faces and the times we had together. I wonder where are they now? what life they are leading? how many children they have? etc. If they are in my network well and good but I am sure not all of them are and I am sure most of them forgot me too.

Getting back into digging, I saw again my collection masks, paintings, prints and other stuffs I didn’t know I have or liked from where I’ve been. I know I already gave a lot to friends before but I still have some left as my keepsake. They went back to hiding and I don’t know when I will see them again.

It took me at least a week to turn my room upside down and back again. I had 2 bags full of paper and other trash that accumulated all those years I was out of the house. The room is more airy and my cupboards are not overflowing but still there’s more to stack to keep only the essentials out in the open.

It was a good therapy better than doing a day of meditation and saying “ommmm”. It clears the mind and the soul and it brought me back to the present.

“The past has a good way of keeping us grounded and clearing the path of the future you imagine because it brings you back to where you started.”

“It humbles you to look back to how life was before achieving what you have at present.”

“It gives you opportunity to right the wrong and make good of what should be from now till the next time.”

I guess without me knowing I was preparing myself for the coming Lent — preparing myself to experience the passion of Christ and become good follower of his teachings that I can apply to myself and maybe to others too.


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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