Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Books, Love and Affection

Whoever thought of this quote is brilliant. I can really attest to this and I am sure many of you will too. The best time to introduce books is when they are young at the same time the bond between parents grow too — the voice, the cuddling, the embrace and the interactions allows both to appreciate each other and grow in love.


The connections brought on by books are priceless. I just wish that children and parents will continue to bond and grow in love with books around them.

Happy Wednesday!

Friends if you wish to share your quotes and stories about your love of books and the authors you awriters-quote-wed-20151dmire and influence your writing do join us at Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.



  1. naturelover · February 11, 2015

    This is so true:)
    I must admit that my love for book reading was also developed in my childhood!


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  3. Sandi · February 7, 2015

    This is a great point! I loved reading to my children when they were little; they are not all readers today, but those memories are precious.

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    • D · February 7, 2015

      Those are precious 🙂 I hope you’re children will have the same precious memories with their own kids ❤


  4. ahouseofpoetry · February 5, 2015

    aww, so true, love it 🙂

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  5. Silver Threading · February 5, 2015

    What a fabulous quote. I so agree. I read to my children when they were small and all of them love to read. Thanks for reminding us of such a valuable lesson. ❤

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  6. Ameena k.g · February 4, 2015

    I love this quote, and i do agree with it too. Its funny because i cant remember learning how to read, i just knew i grew up reading 🙂

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    • D · February 4, 2015

      Thank you for liking it … I remember I learned to read via Sesame Street — the Typewriter and Ernie 🙂 but we all grew up around books from picture books to encyclopedias and everything else in between.

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