Writer’s Quote Wednesday : J. W. Eagan (Who?)

The tail end of the easterly winds from the Pacific is keeping me in bed wrapped in blanket and wanting to continue sleeping but the chirping of the bed, the noise on the street and the smell of coffee is keeping me awake. So I decided to catch up on my blogging now that my head is clear so are my nostrils and throat. The weather also brought me bad case of allergies that knocked me out for sometime now, even prevented me from blowing the candles on my birthday cake for fear of spreading the virus to everybody partying.

As much as I wanted to keep on writing between sneezing and foggy vision, the brain is not really 100 percent but I managed to catch up on my series and did some other re-runs of my well-loved movies. But now it is so much better — I can now think straight to write and catch up on what I missed, thanks to the e-mail update.

While in on it I like to share this quote that I’ve seen floating in the net and I though well this could be good for this week event — a quote that captures what I always feel when I do the two things that I love doing: reading and watching movies.


How many movies are based on a novel or from a book adaptation? Almost all the movies shown are based on best-selling books or from stories of people published or not.

How many of you have seen a movie before reading the book or vice-versa?

I try to read the book first when I want to watch the movie shown on the trailer, if I can get my hands on it. LOTR series (J. R. R. Tolkien) is an example of a movie that was spot on, I’ve read the book when I was young and seeing a full length movie at the comfort of a lazy boy was a welcome excitement in my adult life I literally can’t wait to see the next of the series. The same for most historical movies like Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follet) and the crime inspired Melllienium Series (Steig Larson) and children’s well-loved story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl). But there are movies that I am wanting to see more or to not stray too much from the original story like the Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini) or Shogun (James Clavel) where it I know it can be better.

That is why I still prefer to read books, then I can watch the movie adaptation. If I am to watch something without reading the book, that I felt there’s something missing or I felt it’s not well told. I go search for the book and read through it (and watch the movie again) and I get it. There are also stories I like interpreted in films because another persons interpretation of the story gives it a different angle like for example after reading and watching Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold), both medium evoked strong emotional feelings and gives different satisfaction of the ending as well — the movie somehow gave it more human effect when you see it in person than just reading it alone.

It gives me different experience either way and give off different level of satisfaction but at the end of it all its the way the story is told by the author that appeals to me more than anyone else. Interpretation varies so I like to read it from the horse’s mouth so to speak and my imagination can run wild.

So yes, the quote is fitting … never judge a book by its movie unless you read it one or twice over.


If you’re wondering who was the cleaver owner of the quote well nobody knows. I came across this post Who the hell is J. W. Eagan? explaining why we can’t find who exactly is J. W. Eagan but if you have better information let us in on it.

writers-quote-wed-20151Friends if you wish to share your quotes and stories about your love of books and the authors you admire and influence your writing do join us at Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading.


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