What Would You Do?

I had a restful Sunday after being awake until the wee mornings during the week doing something for a friend. I spent the afternoon watching movies and one was about a guy, the main character, who suffered brain aneurysm and lost his short-term memory and retained the old memories until the time of the accident. Everyday he wakes up remembering the day of the accident but nothing of last night and start over again, and again, and again.

Remembering Sunday reminded me of a similar movie by Drew Barrymore – 50 First Date, though I find this hallmark movie more heart warming and real.

How many of us regret what we did yesterday and wish that we could forget everything and start over? Well, I had moments like that, though sure I can start over but I would forever be haunted by the memory, to remind me that once I was stupid and more, and I think that’s good, hopefully I don’t do it again (or I never learn) if I do.

But what would you do if you suddenly can’t remember your life the day before? 

You have memories of your life until a certain year, suddenly your memory have time stamps on it and the latest memories are all written in your notepad. We do that too, we keep a journal or a blog of stories we like to remember and we even write about our emotions, our feelings and why it becomes something worth remembering.

But what if you have to record events and to-do because you will forget if you don’t but not the emotions around it? You can be creative sure but is it sustainable? While he can re-read it it’s hard to reminisce and know the feeling around the memory. He has to be constantly reminded of what happened, and even on how to relate to people, even smiling at strangers. That’s too much to ask … 

For us, its easy all we have to do is look at old photos or read our journals and the flood of memories will come rushing and we start to relive that moment. However throwback it was I am pretty sure you will have memories of it and maybe a chuckle and smile would be etched on your face because of the memory. I am also sure you want that everyday, to look back at your life then and now.

For others who lost that capacity to remember, would life be worth living that way?


You, what would you do if you can’t remember yesterday and star over day after day?


9 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. amommasview says:

    What a good question… I honestly don’t know. It must be weird to not have certain memories. I am just trying to think about not remembering the birth of my kids or the tingeling feeling I had before the first kiss with my husband… I think certain memories you can re-create. But not the feelings. As you have stated before… Maybe you develop a certain way of handling it and find a way to enjoy it again and again and again although different.

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