Little AndraeSix years ago today, we welcomed little Andrae, the baby we didn’t planed for but still came to us like manna from heaven.

Her life story is very colorful but she’s still very young to appreciate how her life could be a picture of sheer delight to the lives she has touched. Bringing out the best of everyone around her as she continue to grow up and give out love only an innocent child could give.

It is the first major decision the family made (again) when I am already an adult … of taking charge of a young mother and her child, when we had no experience between me and my siblings, and other relatives living with us.

It is the first time for us to see what a baby could do to parents with arthritis – instant remedy! Mom (bless her soul) was like a lioness that guards her pup like she’s afraid to have them snatched from her, but all she’s guarding her was from mozzies bites when she’s brought out of the house, in the garden.

When before they barely move around, let alone do household chores suddenly are taking care of a little girl — bathing her, changing nappies, tapping her to sleep and play with her all day (and if allowed all night). They would carry her like they don’t feel aches and pain in their joints and are very proud grandparents of their adopted grand child, one of the many they have. Little angel

Little babies change the dynamics in the house, let alone the wall decor when they start to grow and learn how to hold pens and anything they can put their hands on and mouth. There’s more laughter in the house and of course the sound of Barney permeates the morning rush when it becomes the morning ritual as against to a crying baby.

The baby has grown into a fireball of a little girl — she has learned more than what we taught her, thanks to YouTube and to her classmates. But she remains to be the little girl my dad loves so much (next to mine of course), more than anyone I saw around him. She’s the closest person my dad let into his life and their relationship had extended my dad’s life purpose as he continue to age gracefully.

As she celebrates her 6th year with us, as part of our family, I just wish she grow up happy, happier than us if she could, in spite of life’s’ circumstances. She grew up sheltered, more than us, from the pains of living in a world that is not fair and does not spare you of it.

She continue to enjoy being a child and child like.

Happy birthday!

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