Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Harold Kushner

Harold Kushner

The Author: Harold Kushner

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  1. kaygy · December 17, 2014

    This is a inspiring quote for me as well. I love it.

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  2. dorne whale · December 17, 2014

    Wise words indeed.

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  4. Silver Threading · December 11, 2014

    I love this quote from Harold Kushner. How insightful and true this is. Although sometimes I think the older I get, the less I know. Thank you for sharing and the image is breathtaking! ❤

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    • D · December 11, 2014

      I read part of his book sometime in the past so when I saw this quote I just have to post it, it’s so inspiring (at least for me).

      Glad you liked it …

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  5. estelea · December 10, 2014

    Great one!

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    • D · December 11, 2014

      Thank you 🙂


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