Water is a Life Saver

Water, a priced commodity in many parts of Sierra Leone. So when we accomplished our goals – with all the partners involved, for us that is an ACHIEVEMENT worth celebrating.


WaterSalone (1)


Me with the trophy of the day – a water pump in the middle of the village that is accessed by everybody.  It was necessary for me to have my photo taken with it then but now I am not sure if I would still do the same. This was in 2006 in Bo.


WaterSalone (2)


Well, to make our work believable we have to show the people that the pump actually pumps out water and the water is clean.

You see I am like a “circus animal” in my cage being watch by the patrons who paid big money to watch me get water from the pump and see what happens next … 


WaterSalone (3)


I am actually drinking it and showing the people  that the water was safe for drinking, cooking and of course for bathing and washing clothes.

This achievement has made the life of the villagers and the neighbors easy. Instead of walking miles to get only a few buckets of water, they can just go to the water pump, fall in line and go back home in time to prepare the meals for the day, clean the house, the children and the clothes (not necessarily in that order). Most children can go to school instead of going far and wide looking for water — it is a life saver!  

Water is most important in the fight against the spread of Ebola now and having no clean water puts a community in danger from not only viruses but other pathogens that are easily preventable if only there are clean water available for the villages around Sierra Leone and other countries in similar situations.

Education is still the key but if they can only imagine water it also doesn’t work – it has to be there available – water I mean, to make educating the community about water, sanitation and hygiene  more realistic

For the organization that made this happen, it’s always a good undertaking to give the people exactly what they need not what the donors need because it makes it more inclusive, practical and reasonable and of course cost-effective.

So yes, this is my way of saying, development that works for the people, it’s how we measure our achievements – when lives are changed for the better.


Weekly photo challenge – Achievement


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