How do you spell “I miss you”?

It is nice to know someone misses you when you’re away. It makes you feel happy knowing that you’re important in someone else’s life because you know they feel sad when they don’t see you or happy when they remember the time you are together. That usually happen when I am off to somewhere and coming back is like a celebration!

But when you’re about to leave  and you hear someone crying softly (or not) because they will feel sad or they will miss you and cannot find the right word to express it but to tear up, what will you do?

A1That is the episode in our house since last night when our little angel decided to feel all sad and lonely because half of the household is going on an a week-long holiday and she’s not going with them because of school. It was not so much about her not joining the holiday but her missing those leaving.

It sounded very sweet that at a young age she can express her feelings and literally say what she thinks about each member of the family going on the trip — so endearing you almost don’t want to leave. She throws I love you like its a punctuation and she doesn’t cringe – that’s just how it is at home it’s felt all around.

I wish to treasure that moment when she can still be who she is – a child. I want her to stay that way until she grows up. I like her to be able to express her true feelings however puffy eyes she looks after and still don’t cringe expressing her feelings towards us. I wish too that us adults remains childlike but not childish and be able to express our emotions back without pretensions or controversy.

Our little angel is off to school now before everybody else leave. She has spelling recitations this morning wearing her girl scout uniform. I hope she gets the letters correct to the word – I will miss you!


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