The Leaf (Sequel)

I managed to get hold of the video and I learned more information about The Leaf that was the give-away gift during Amelia’s wedding to Mr. Nick.

The leaves were lovingly collected by her dad from the Acacia tree in their village. He took the time to collect the right leaf and the time to get it ready for the holidays.

Collecting the leaves

The leaves are bleached and left in the water until the color is changed and only the veins are showing. It took 3 weeks to make it look like it is now.




He prepared the leaves for the Buddhist holiday and wants to put it in the mall.

Amelia asked why the mall?

He compared it to the trees put up during Christmas holidays with bells and even fake snow, so he said why not do something for the Buddhist holiday? 


And it eventually found it’s way in the wedding as gift to all of us. A token, a gift so lovingly prepared by hand to be offered to the Gods and to the first daughter.



  1. milankagiordano · November 22, 2014

    The leaves look fabulous. I would love to use them for my Christmas Decorations. Just lovely! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • D · November 22, 2014

      That would be nice and you can add more into it — colors, sparkles etc. to go with the season. Happy holidays!

      Liked by 1 person

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