Writer’s Quote Wednesday : Woodrow Wilson


Of course when you can be with someone who tells great stories, who is full of wisdom I would spend an hour even a day with that person without second thought. I would be like a child, anticipating wide eyed for the stories at the same time to see the emotions etched across that persons face – the smile, the twinkle in the eyes, the wishful thoughts, the sadness, a sigh and more.

The feeling would be different, even surreal if it’s someone you really really admire. Being with that person beats everything.

About the author Woodrow Wilson

Sharing this for the Writer’s Quote Wednesday 🙂




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  2. Sandi · November 14, 2014

    Beautiful photo! It works so well with Wilson’s comment. Even though in some ways it can be more comfortable to read someone’s words rather than to talk with them face to face, you can never experience all the subtle things you mention through a book (facial expression, voice, warmth, etc.).

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    • D · November 14, 2014

      The book would be like the cherry on the cake after you met the author — it’s similar to attending poetry reading when you see and hear the author the words and meaning changes 🙂
      Thanks for liking the photo, got it from free share and used picmonkey to lay-out

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