W-a-D Event Day 4 : Vexed


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You can either define it, translate it (if it’s a foreign language), you can use it to express your feelings, tell story and / or describe it in pictures.
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adjective \ˈvekst\

: difficult and frustrating to deal with

: annoyed or worried

* * *

When I heard of this word spoken by my staff in 2006 I was transported back in time, I felt like I am with the spirit of the Christmas past 😉 It came up when I was trying to learn Krio, the language spoken all over the country, more than English.

Krio was the language brought by the freed slaves from the West Indies, United States and United Kingdom – language they invented from the English language spoken by their masters and created their own version to escape being caught talking or to be known to understand what their masters were saying.  From then until they were freed they have spoken Krio and carried down to their descendants until present time. Though English is the official language of Sierra Leone, in the villages everybody including young pikin (children) can speak and understand Krio.

Vexed is not Krio, it’s old English, but they use it and spelled vεks which means the same. They don’t use the the word angry or annoyed, they used vexed / vεks when they are angry and annoyed.


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