W-a-D Event Day 2 : Wanderlust


Welcome to the WORD-A-DAY event … If you want to share and take part in the event feel free to read the full instruction here  (or click the badge) and share as many word as you can — for 365 days or 52 weeks or 12 months 🙂

You can either define it, translate it (if it’s a foreign language), you can use it to express your feelings, tell story and / or describe it in pictures.

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This word keeps popping up in blogs I read so I decided to find the meaning to this word and share with you in case you’re also interested to know. It’s actually 2 words put together from the German language between 1050 – 1350 the period of Middle High German.
It is from the word “wandern” which means to hike and “lust” means desire. In Germany they often misuse the word wandern to mean as “false friend” and does not mean “to wander” but to hike. In early 1900 the word is started to use in English. In modern Germany the word is less used and replaced by other words to describe “desire to travel”  — Fernweh (farsickness).
So we can define Wanderust as

: a strong desire or impulse to hike, wander or travel and explore the world

But in Sociology it can mean

: an opposition to status and organization

That would be for people who have strong desire to travel may not be very particular with details as to planning and manner of traveling which is common now with people who travel on shoe string budget or of going on adventure trips in places where tour guides and leisure walk are strike out of the plan
In Psychology it means

: a person is moving away to escape strong emotions such as guilt, or for adolescents to escape restrictions of home or towards self-development by experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, getting to know unfamiliar cultures, ways of life and behaviours.

Which may describe the proliferation of wellness travel or for finding retreats for self-development such as spa and yoga retreats or hiking towards sacred places and claiming enlightenment and life changing experiences.
Just like most of the travel blogs, people travel far and wide – wild, move away from home, find different adventure in all corners of the world and live to tell them through this portal.
So whatever definition you choose, wherever your itchy feet brings you at the end of the day it’s an adventure worth telling and entice others about your Lust to Travel.

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