Good day bloggers!

I would like to invite you to join me in a personal journey with WORDS.

I am always fascinated with how “conversations” are developed between two or more people. If there are no words to describe what we want to say or to express what we feel, the world would be a quiet place and there would be no WordPress.

This is not really a challenge it’s an EVENT because you are writers first and foremost and when you’re not writing, you speak, hear and read it everyday. So you can do this.

Imagine you’re composing your blogs based on your inspiration or the daily post or blogging u assignments and you encountered a new word or interesting word that you want to highlight — either it evoked an emotion or made you remember good memories (even not so good ones) — you can share it with us.  

STEP 1: Choose your own Word

  • You make a decision which word you want to post.

STEP 2: Write a Post, Categories, Tags and Hashtags

  • You can either define it, translate it (if it’s a foreign language), you can use it to express your feelings, tell story and / or describe it in pictures.

There are many way you can do — be creative! This may be your chance to create your own word and be included in the Oxford in the future. Think about Selfie 🙂

  • Make sure to tag your post (WAD #1, WAD #2 …)  and create a category — Word-A-Day.
  • If you’re on twitter #Blogger/Word-A-DayEvent; #WordPress/WADEvent

Step 3: Pingback, and Badge (I need to know, you need to promote)

  • Make sure you do a ping-back to this post every time you publish. (RECOMMENDED)
  • If you don’t like to do ping-back, go and post in the comment section.
  • You can showcase the Word-A-Day badge in your post and on your site so others can see it and participate.


 (How to: Right click the picture – thumbnail or medium size photo and copy image URL and post in the Image widget to have it permanently displayed on your blog)

Step 4: Timing (How often should I do it?)

As the name implies its a daily event

  • Do it EVERYDAY (Word-A-Day) for 365 days (Make sure to put number each time you post a word — that would remind you how much you have contributed to the event)
  • Do it WEEKLY but it means you will post 7 words per week for 52 weeks

Step 5: Outcome (What do I gain from doing this challenge and participating in this event?

  • Your vocabulary will increase so are your readers, me included. We learn from each other. 
  • As for me I will have a wealth of words that I can share to everybody every week.
  • I would be on a look out for duplicate words – it would be an interesting observation 
  • Help promote your site. The more words you post the more time you will be promoted every time I host / post the collection of words every month 😀

Are you ready for the Word-A-Day event? Great!

wordadayThe event will start on November 10, 2014

Watch out for my first word and then I’ll wait for yours. 


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