Never Lose Sight of What You Want

The probationary period is over. The 3-months “getting-to-know” period is over. It’s time to get the hands dirty and dig in. At least that’s what we say to each other when in a new placement. I will do the same drill in blogging — I already exhausted my probationary period and learned most of what I need to know (technically) to set up a nice looking site and learn the ropes of how to get posts and things done.

I was shown an overview of how I can monitor my own progress and set my own indicators — be it in terms of number of posts I published, frequency, types of post, number of new followers, numbers of likes etc. At least that’s how I do it when handling a project, I follow principles of management, hit and miss sometimes, depending on the context and culture of where I am without loosing sight of the objective of the mission.

The training period is done – Blogging U is close and people had moved on to other classes and challenges while I decided to hang around and get more acquainted with other bloggers, their stories, and much more . Taking it all in and making things work for me and my project. That way, I don’t get too preoccupied with so many things at the same time.

Between reading technical books, getting in class with my virtual classmates and doing / submitting assignments, I try to squeeze in blogging and between organizational support and proposal review, I am reminiscing the good old days in another place and then blogging.

I justify my blogging experience as my practical training for “social communication” which I am trying very hard to work out in one parish in the context of pastoral ministry. So yes, I am hanging out here and not running around for now. 

So for the meantime, I want to go back to my previous posts and see again why I started blogging knowing that I have my hand’s a bit full. No wonder I am lost. I am experiencing what others would call “writer’s block”, though I am not really considered as one (yet) but still I am loosing track of what I really want to write. I have over 10 years of packed stories, I just need to slowly unpack them and line them up ready to be given their own spot in my blog.

I believe the audience, the followers will come if I can make them interested reading what I have to say or see what I want to show. Most bloggers with hundreds and thousands of followers have been here for a while so I know if I stick it out here, I might just get to where I want to be. Just need to get my mojos back and my schedule in order.

Note to self …

Lauren Kate

Happy blogging!



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