Protection and Assistance Shall Be Given to Those Not Engaged in the Conflict

Protection Against War and Conflict

This photo is part of campaign to promote humanitarian message with cartoons. Check out the site for cartoons in other language and higher resolution.

We often hear, read in the news stories about people caught in between conflict zone and often these are the families with young children, with elderly, of men and women who has nothing to do with the conflict. We also hear in the news what some organization or countries does to help them.

But many of us become indifferent to their plight because we don’t know how it feels to be in that situation. We think because we don’t live where they live we are different, our lives are better. That is why we have to get out of our comfort zone to get to know what’s happening around the world. Let us not take for granted how it is to live in peace because many people doesn’t know how it is to be peaceful where they are — they are always afraid of being at the wrong place,  of shelling in their villages, afraid of stray bullets or ordinance that lands on their roof or garden or playground where their children play.

There should never be innocents caught in between if only there is no war, no armed conflict. But because there is, let us not forget those innocent by standers — they need to be protected, they need to be helped by both you and me.

Spread the word that way you are helping to lobby governments to look into the problems of those caught in between armed conflicts so they may act on it and help.


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