What Do You Want?

November waltz in immediately after October and there’s no stopping the time and soon it will be Christmas. I had good three months blogging and my October posts totaled to 43 up by two hundred fifty percent compared to August and September when I decided to get into writing and them, my thoughts I mean out there. This is all because of Blogging U … an interesting community of newbies like me and much more.

I’ve done random posting styles — from text posts, post with photos, photos only, video with some write ups, personal stories, free flow poem, general topic, I even had a poll about my header and the latest are the humanitarian cartoon editorial. I tried anything and see, feel what gives and what doesn’t and I have seen trends which are interesting but I want to confirm it some more, that is why I like your inputs.  I will try to make it more interesting in the coming months whilst building my readership, keeping with my theme and staying on track.

I’ve seen varieties also from those I follow and following me, that is why I said interesting mix. I will be coming back for more 🙂 I am learning more about parenting, photography, new places, marriage etc…

Buddy up

An interesting task but I didn’t have the popularity others have, I haven’t collaborated with anyone, I was busy the last few days I didn’t have time to sort my thoughts well, Wayne maybe we’ll have the chance someday for the meantime keep on rockin’!

Though I like to experience cross blogging one day and even be a contributor in some sites I admire. Before this task, I revived my membership at World Pulse community, posting my own thoughts on Women Issues (and a lot more) but that is not as crafty as doing it in WordPress, it’s just like writing for my report. The potential to link up is huge. I can take advantage of my experience here and use it when I am posting there … I already decided to do a Weekly Journal on Women with Disability so hopefully you can check it out.

Giving you what you want

Another interesting task. I got mixed reviews when I posted my stats in October (When I Am Feeling Blue) and I was happy that I did that post because that gave me ideas on how to use stats to my advantage and understand where and how traffic starts … hhmmmmm …

But like I said, I am still in the steep learning curve, this is a whole new experience … still building up my brand … finding my niche in this blogsphere of 2 billion users, but I can only have that if I commit to this and build my readership

… it will come, I know.

But before Blogging 201 ends, I like to get the readers consensus on what you want to read on my site and I’ll try give it to you. Here’s my top 3 post of last month …

a. When I Am Feeling Blue

b. Second Nomination …

c. Audit My Brand

These are posts for the daily tasks but I have more in it … you can check posts according to my page in my menu.

Check out What I Did Where to get to know about my adventures in places where I used to work and live or In My Opinion to get to know more my line of thinking — issues that matter to me and much more.

But you have to also help me with your thoughts, your ideas, suggestions and anything you can say on what you want to see here and I’ll try to see what I can do to satisfy my readers.

I like to invite you to take the Poll Daddy Survey or the SM  at your convenience.

And finally, I will take this opportunity to say thank you to the people that helped me from the start and continue to help me by asking questions, giving ideas, recommendations and commenting. You’ve been a good friend …


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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