Thank YOU

Having more time in my hands means I am doing more writing and thinking and making more friends (as in followers) in this new venture.

Yesterday was exceptionally good. We talked about stats and all and with the post I made it boosted not just my ego but my numbers too … take a look,

follow like posts

This is all your doing … Thank you!

Because of you I’ve reached some momentum, reached one of my goal

… to reach as far as I could by increasing my followers to triple digits by the end of  the year at the same time increase blogs I follow (that matters to me) and leave sensible messages to them like I want them to do to mine

in this writing endeavor and it inspires me to get serious — maybe not just do it as a past time but do something more, though I am sure that would mean a lot more thinking and maybe a trip or two somewhere for soul-searching — me being dramatic :).

Well, what I really want to say is THANK YOU you’ve all been very gracious with your likes and comments, really appreciates them and been very game in this whole blogging thing.



Post script: This is posted in the Daily Prompt of October 22 - Imaginary Friends (though a little bit off topic but it's more the inspiration that counts)


  1. runningrevcollins · October 25, 2014

    May be late to the game but happy to help.


    • D · October 27, 2014

      Not at all we’re all in the beginning … thanks for the help.
      Keep coming back.


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