I Write Because …

Chicks1By nature I like talking. My personal and work life evolved around talking.

I also mastered the art of talking out loud especially when my brain works overtime and there’s no one out there to listen to my thoughts but myself.

So I write.

Technical writing.

Report writing.

Love Letters.





Name it I write them.  I write everywhere … diaries with keys, journals, draft papers, book borders and now online.

But why do I really write here?  I can think of two reasons …

1. writing online provides an opportunity for my thoughts to be heard (read) by many

2. to learn from the people I meet online and to teach, share what I can to others too

Are they enough? I guess they are for now. As a newbie WordPress blogger I am still in the process of making my site and posts better organized and categorized. I am still in the learning process so I could only aim …

… to keep on writing and hope I could write my thoughts everyday if not at least thrice a week until I can tell all my stories to a wide audience

… to reach as far as I could by increasing my followers to triple digits by the end of  the year at the same time increase blogs I follow (that matters to me) and leave sensible messages to them like I want them to do to mine

… to encourage more and more people through my blog, my writings, my musing and my being their friend to be selfless and be more emphatic through a weekly feature event I would like to create before the holiday and towards the next years to come 

Until I am ready to metamorphose into something else. When that happens, you will all know.

To achieve my goals, it also depends on you too … yes, YOU. Because like talking, I need someone to respond, nod their heads in agreement or shake their heads on disagreement. You need to talk back to me, to teach me, tell me what I am doing wrong and right.

I need you to keep that orange bubble on the right hand corner of the browser keep lighting up and maybe even sending me personal mails to really seal the deal (of friendship).

The ultimate goal is FOR US TO GROW TOGETHER in writing and CONTINUE HAVING FUN.



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