Travel Virus : Davao Here I Come

Read the first part before continuing  Travel Virus : Caught Out of Desperation

Port of Davao

First stop was Davao, the fruit basket of the Philippines. GenSan was not counted because I didn’t get very far but it was all good to see the Tuna trading.

I made good friends with my cabin buddy and neighbors. We all disembark in Davao but some will proceed to the other provinces by road. Those that are staying in Davao, invited me to visit them and the first plan was to join in a fishing expedition.

So I arrived and stayed with my relatives and spent few days with them visiting normal places and planning my days and months in Mindanao.

Samal Island and Fishing Expedition

I took the invitation from my cabin buddy to join them in their fishing expedition — they have a fishing trawler and they will leave from Samal Island,  they asked if I am up for it? I said yeah without really knowing what to expect. After 4 days of arriving in Davao, I found myself hopping to a motorized boat going to Samal Island, spent the day looking around until it was time to go in the bigger boat and wait for the fishes.

It was not an easy adventure, and that was before me owning a digital video-camera where I can capture everything, it was hard work. We stayed 2 nights at sea and caught enough yellow-fin tuna, barracuda and other unknown fishes to me. It was a good experience, in a way it was like sports fishing because of the waiting and the rigor of hauling the fishes in the boat. Well, I didn’t really do any hauling, it was hard labor. The patience to wait for the fishes to get tired pulling away from the net was interesting, I realized then how much effort are put into the food we served on our table and yet I complain. 

Will I do it again? Maybe not. Like I said it was hard labor and for sports it was really a game of patience and mostly for those thrill seekers. In fact I was again in open seas but since the waters were calm I didn’t mind being there and waiting for the fishes to bite.

Stayed on in Samal for a week after that and spent my days in the beach and going local (since I am already). People speak Tagalog in Davao so I was not worried to not being able to communicate but as I got deeper in the province, my true color was discovered — I am Tagalog and some people enjoyed calling me that which I didn’t mind because I really am.


Samal Island is part of Davao but you have to take a ferry to go to there. Photo credit

The Pearl of the Orient

Found out from my relatives we have connections in the Pearl Farm – a very lucrative place for tourist and it was a welcome invitation. Who can refuse a nice beach front room, good sea foods and a view of sunrise – sunset days on end for free.  (Hmmm, I wonder if we still have that connection in the farm years after).  That very much capped my Samal weeklong holidays — free room and board 🙂


Thanks to some relatives I got to try to stay in this huts for free — they are way out of my price range then.

When in Mindanao you cannot leave without a string of pearls with you as either for you or for gifts. South Sea Pearls can be very expensive while fresh water pearls are cheaper especially when you buy them from fishermen.

Trivia: to know if the pearls you’re buying are real, try to rub them from each other or your teeth and you should feel grit to know it’s real. If it’s smooth and like rubbing crystals together then its likely to be fake. 

To be continued… 

Travel Info (Present Time)

Things to do in Davao


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