Humanity Begins in You and Me

When I saw this photo the message of St. John Paul II came to mind


      "The worst prison would be a closed heart"

Then, as I was browsing through the net I came across this article by Erin Cory talking about his friend A.R. Kassig  captured by ISIS in Syria.

The article spoke of true feelings of a friend as she tries to make sense of why of all people who is serving the poor and wounded, serving with all his heart would find himself in that situation. I am sure other people who are friends of aid workers who are victimized by terrorists feels the same.

Because, even though I don’t have friends in the same situation similar to A. R. Kessig, I feel bad, I feel sad and I feel angry. I know people, friends even,  who put their lives on the line everyday for others and I pray nothing worst could happen to them.

I was angry when I wrote The Perils of a Chosen Life after the beheading on David Haines — a senseless killing of the innocent.

Still there are no reasons to explain everything that is happening and I am afraid that the old adage of “terror begets terror” will hold true again in this fight against them.

My only hope is that to be truly free, you have to open your heart to love one another the way you want to be love.

That is the way to be human in the 21st century.


One comment

  1. Rambling Rose · October 20, 2014

    The picture and the quote grabbed my attention and I am glad I read on.for there is plenty to reflect on.
    I often think of those in the ‘trenches’ fighting what needs to be fought – poverty, bigotry, corruption, waste, destruction of the environment, prejudice … the list goes on .. and I sit in the comfort of my home. It is at times like these that even blogging seems inane, useless.
    Or perhaps .. pen can be mightier at least in some ways than sword. We can start binding ourselves at least on the blogosphere – or the noosphere which I prefer .. by opening up to each other in love “for the worst prison is a closed heart! ” We can at least start chains of friendship and love and tighten it around the world.
    Thanks for an eye opening post.


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