Reflection at the End of the Broom

This is an old post I salvaged from blogs I closed. It was written after I cleaned my house during a long holiday in 2013.

It is funny how one can find meaning and be reflective on simple chores like house cleaning.

When you live temporarily as an expat, you meet people in all aspect of your stay there and all of them are transient like you. You gain friends and acquaintances and some maybe enemies but still they are part of your circle. When they start moving on and you’re staying you start to think that the cycle of friendship will start over and over until it was your time to move on. It can be sad.

Selfish thoughts I guess, but then again like many of us we are all just passing in this world might as well celebrate everyone you meet and cherish the time shared. Agree?

Reflection at the end of the broom


How many of you become reflective when doing household chores? Maybe 1 or no one … but yesterday, I became one, to not only tackle the dirt under my bed or the webs along the walls and ceiling but I also tackled what had become of my life in the last couple of years at the end of the broom.

As I sweep all the dust, my life came flashing back … all the events, the people I encountered and the WHO I am now.

Maybe it’s part of being in the fourth decade of being alive that one becomes emotive and contemplative, thinking what am I here for or what is my “purpose in life” kind of thoughts … what is really my purpose?

Twenty-eleven and twenty-twelve was a year of goodbye of people I met when I first arrived in Timor Leste in 2010. Slowly they moved on … life was full for the good two years and now it’s slowly trickled. It is hard when you became attached to things or people, it’s hard to throw them away or to forget them because of the good times. The short time you are together it was all good times, no pretensions, no hidden agenda, all in one clean slate and it was fun … but they have to move on and I opted to stay.

As I continue with my chores making sure I get all the dust from the corners … I moved furniture’s and moved them back or re-arrange them for a fresh start,  just like with the people I meet in my life: move them closer or out of my life.

I made lifelong friends, a handful of them while living in a transient world as I did, but I also met people who remains to be names or images in my collections of photos of the happy times and will never prosper to become “close” friends after we cross the path in this part of the world, but its fine, at least they have been part of your life and that is all that matters.

As I continue cleaning, I realized that how we clean and re-arrange our house is like with our life really … you get to a point where you can’t stand it anymore, that you have to take down the drapes or pick up the broom and start sweeping. Everything seems new because now you can see over the dust. It’s time have a fresh start. The same with your life … you get to a point where you have to see what’s important and what’s not and start pursuing a better life, with less clutter and more clarity.

Now I am done. The drapes are up, the sheets are flat, pillows are puffed and furniture are re-arranged, the house is clean! So is my life. I am ready to embark into the world of people again after the holidays … to meet, to mingle and create again memories of new people I will encounter and establish lasting friendship of those that stayed on.

Till the next time I am tempted to clean my house … but for now I have to be satisfied with what I have!

Boas Festa do Pascoa! (2013)

For the Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions


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