I Won’t Go Unless You Go With Me

One-Way Street

Congrats! You’re the owner of a new time machine. The catch? It comes in two models, each traveling one way only: the past OR the future. Which do you choose, and why?

If you’re not coming then I’ll stay put and listen to my music. But wait, how many songs do you think have been created with the same title if not similar to it? I guess not many.Let me go down memory lane and find out 🙂

One Way Ticket

Genre: Disco

Singer: Eruption

Year: January 1979

Where was I then?

January is my birthday month and in 1979 I would have been in primary school – I think I was in kindergarten. Running around the campus in my red and white checkered one piece dress uniform, white socks and black shoes with no care in the world except to meet my classmates, eat my cookies and play until its time to go home. 

I would have no inkling on what songs are “in” that time but I heard of this song when I was much older and if I remember right we used to dance to it during school fair or intramurals and I particularly like the song and the dance steps because they were easy to follow … chooo chooo trains! 

The original version was sung in 1959 by Niel Sedaka (Genre: Pop) way before my time, even before my parents decided to settle down.  If you ask me, the 1979 versions much more appealing — I guess because of the beat and I don’t know if I can relate to NS 😉

One Way Ticket (Because I Can)

Genre: Country Pop

Singer: Leann Rimes

Year: 1996

Where was I then? 

I am ready for the world in 1996, got my degree and ready to conquer the world of the employed. But of course I took my lovely time doing that, so while waiting for my hospital placement I took a journalist post — waiting on news worthy item and writing about it. 

I am not sure I knew Leann Rimes then. I was heavily engrossed with New Wave genre to even notice her kind. OMD and the Just Can’t Get Enough cassette tapes and CD’s had just came out then so they are the regulars in my walkman

One Way Ticket To Hell and Back

Genre: Rock

Singer: The Darkness

Year: 2005

Where was I then?

My last year in Cambodia. I was living in Kampong Cham, a regional province in the eastern part of the country. Immediately after the new year I moved to West Africa for another posting. Eventually I made good in the employment bits of my life — I got to travel and enjoy the career path I took. Hence this blog is all about it.

I haven’t heard of this song and singer until tonight when researching songs with similar title but surprisingly I like it. I am bias to new wave, classical and very selective with rock genre though I like AC-DC and INXS 🙂 Check it out — the video is funny and the music is good. 

One Way Ticket To The Moon

Genre: Rock

Singer: Dave Stewart featuring The Secret Sisters

Year: 2011

Where was I then?

Enjoying my time in the half Island of Timor, the half where the sun rises. Working for one local disability organization. Nothing much happening with me on the social front — mostly work related events and when I do get to socialize it’s very limited unless you’re a fish which I am not (read: there’s more underwater adventure than anything else), there’s not many mountains to climb (if I can climb) and not many places to go and be lost as a tourist. 

By this time my choices in music had evolved — I have a good collection of world music by then and of course my regulars — New Wave and local artists but I don’t think I have Dave Stewart in my playlist the same for the Secret Sisters. I might just add them, I kinda like the vibe of this music and I am sure you will agree with me. 

There’s not much song to go around with the same title — One Way Ticket but the small collection is quite good, all upbeat and I think I can dance to it.

Music fills the soul and if I can take a train with no return I better have my collections with me and a good pair of ear phones at least I am in touch with the period I was from and who knows I might find a ticket that would bring me back to where I belong — at present.

Happy listening!



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