What’s on the radio during Y2K?

Posting a new style? I thought I’ve covered that but I guess not. So thinking how can this post be “relatable” to my take on this assignment to my purpose for this blog I thought of why not going through the songs of the time I started my tramping here and around the globe …

Call me old school, old soul or simply old but I prefer the music that I grew up with — New Wave 80’s extended to the 90’s which eventually wane towards the end of 2000’s when the genre becomes more bold, dirty and shitty (pardon me!) So at the crossroads of the new millennium I was able to find a collection of songs I could still dance to and enjoy lip syncing, Check out the music of the New Millennium  and tell me if you can picture yourself listening to them (over and over) excluding B.Spears 🙂

Cheers everyone!


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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