Fiction in a Non-fiction World

I already mapped out what I will do with my way of blogging, since it was meant to chronicle my life since the Y2K until I went into sabbatical ten years after, I decided to find a system around the materials I’ve collected over the years. I’ve tons of photos and stories that should fill my roll until I covered 365 days times 10 years but that would be impossible unless I plant myself in front of my laptop and keep on writing until my fingers bleed.

Having said that and just finished going through those photos I was talking about here, I am lost as to where to begin. Should I start with Cambodia only? That is because I spent six years of my development career there or jump from places to places until I satisfied all what I want to write about, but is that the right way to do it? For someone who has worked in complex situation and solved many conflicts, I can’t seem to agree with myself what to write ha ha!

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Good thing there is this daily prompt — a saving grace for ideas when there’s sooooo many to choose from. I can literally use today’s prompt of Great Divide to my advantage without gearing away on what I really want to share here, it may be unconventional but I am sure it would fit in 🙂

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Before I ventured into development, reading for me was really just for fun. We grew up around books and I have no particular preference whether fiction or non-fiction, just devoured anything and everything, appreciated every word and still is nostalgic about the feel and smell of books over electronic ones. Literary interest started early, of mostly poems but was never really meant for sharing, all for personal consumption and I was happy with that. It was my treasure trove of what I was when I was younger.

I grew up and was thrown into the realities of life beyond the comfortable boundaries I was brought up to and I started to appreciate non-fictional stories about life and I got drunk into it that I made it my career until now.  I read stories far greater and older than you and I get struck as to asking “is this really true?”  I didn’t know then that what I knew now really happened and I was angry, confused, even at some point in denial because the stories I heard and read are too far for my “new mind” was able to comprehend. Angry still after ten years and counting, that in spite of the developments around the world a lot of “what if’s” are never given much attention, and change for the better is still illusive.

Many still are suffering, though many are being done but the fiction of life happens when the wheels of change is very slow to turn, that it sometimes feel that nothing seems to change in spite of all the works been done to make “reality” happens. Many are still trapped in the cycle of disdain to enjoy what living is all about in their own definition of life.

As with story telling, life is about co-existence, you cannot separate the reality from fiction because one feeds off the other vis-a-vis and therefor no great divide. It is up to us, reading, to see the fiction in the non-fictional stories.


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