My First Love

A year ago today I was sitting in a restaurant with someone. We particularly chose that specific restaurant because it would have good internet connection, with the sole purpose of getting good video reception to connect to home and of course their BBQ ribs.

It was lunch time, the sun was up and the greens are inviting. Only few tables were occupied and some were driving. We sat at the far end of the restaurant waiting for the right moment and connection. Eventually I got through and was able to connect and witness a celebration even for just a moment, last year.

Because Today is my Dad’s birthday! 

He turned 80 this year and I am happy to be part of the celebration in person. No more virtual greetings and meeting families, friends in the screen and waving like crazy in the almost empty restaurant and I think I was even shouting thinking that with the noise they don’t hear me clearly. I am actually here – prepping and cooking, dancing and having fun times with families and friends in flesh!

It’s a milestone for the family, and my siblings and relatives are happy and looking forward to spend another year of fun times with Dad … which does not falter however old he get. We want to have him longer as he is the best Dad any daughter could ask for. 

To let you in my happiness I like to share this message to every Dad in this blog world … (pardon the image I am such a big fan of Vin Diesel — don’t ask me why because I myself don’t know 😉 lol) and to every daughter who looks up to their father as their first love like I do.


And a song that goes with it ..

Love Love Love


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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