Celebrating Diversity

We’ve seen children with autism making beautiful art …

We’ve seen people born without arms flying an airplane …

We’ve seen blind people singing beautiful music …

We’ve seen deaf people acting in mainstream movies …

We’ve seen diversity all around us but we still choose to ignore and accept that they may have disability but they are no different than You and Me.

I’ve been navigating the reader and finding good stories to read one morning not yet knowing what the theme for the day was and I read the story of @Robert Roland on why attending Strange Loop is important to him. I was still in bed thinking “yeah, let me browse through the first paragraph and move on to the next” and yet after that first paragraph I cannot put my phone down and read it through and was pleased to have done it.

Robert Roland has disability but it was not a hindrance to him and his family — his parents are his first mentor, cheerleaders, friends and the first to believe in him. They feed his hunger for what they thought he like and they we’re never wrong to have done it … Robert is one of the best in his field — computer programming.

In spite of the challenges he faced especially bullying from grade school to maybe up to now, he buried himself with books and was able to speak the language not many of us know but is very important to us — the language of computer.

Imagine, if he were put down by his parents and family, would he be the person he is now.

I wonder if his classmates in grade school and the people that refused to give him opportunities then see him now or know him now, would they have felt bad and realize how wrong to be a bully or to look down on people.

You never know the person in front of you, they may be suffering or feeling lonely or in pain or going through a rough situation or even contemplating of taking their own lives. Be kind all the time, you never know that you might be the only person that would show that to them and you might be just the person to accept them because they are different.

And as a golden rule — what you do to others will be returned to you sometimes more than what you gave to them.

I’ll be taking off from the “you never know…” when I talk about this other blog I read and made comment on. This especially touched me to the core because of my experience with my Mom.

My family view death differently. When Mom died from cancer, we were ready and accepted that it was meant to be because she had lived a good life. We view death as a celebration of my Mom’s life when she was rearing us four children and when she was working with others. Her happiest would be helping others and I like to believe that we all got that philanthropic side of her and try to live up to it.

So when I read the essay of Dominic (and Victor) I was transported back to the time when Mom was diagnosed and eventually succumb to it but then the story does not begin and end in cancer but also a celebration of being the same and different.

A Curtain Hangs Between Us is to share with us the bond twins share and what separates them to each other and that there is nothing wrong with it. That though they want to share everything more than their DNA, it is not possible and it’s not something to be guilty off … we are still different after all.


So the next time you see someone – family, friends or stranger

A little understanding and a show of kindness would not be so bad

It’s our way of celebrating the difference of each one of us

Our diversity

We are the same on the inside


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