Sierra Leone in my time …

It’s nice to remember what was life for me back when I was in Sierra Leone. I lived mostly in Bo, the disrict literally in the middle of the map and moved to work in 2 other districts in the border of Guinea – Koidu and Liberia – Kailahun. Life on the road was not easy but I enjoyed it for the view and with the people I work with and the people I encounter.

I was there to help after the crisis they faced with the militia where many were mimed and rendered disabled … provided the much needed care for the disabled. I grew up and learn more about the people and life everybody live in order to survive to continue living.  I had the best time — and i wanted to go back!

It is sad that now the country is faced once again with this tragic epidemic of Ebola. Its spreading and though not all are affected by the disease other parts of the country is cut off even to the smallest unit – their families, the impact is hard on the people. Food is becoming an issue, mobility and even access to health care because hospital staffs are refusing to work because of fear of contracting the disease and dying themselves. I salute those that continue to help in spite of the danger both local and foreign aid workers, you all are brave!

This is my way of encouraging you to think of Sierra Leone and other countries affected and offer a prayer for healing and recovery. Give them hope and reach out the best you can.


Share to me your thoughts ... I like to know you more.

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