More Fun with Less Planning — My Northern Philippines Adventure

Looking at my digital photo album I turned my attention on 2007 my Uganda and North Philippines adventure.

When 2 good friend heard I was home, they planned to have an adventure because of the long holidays (I think?) and so they invited others to join. I only knew two friends and gain 4 others in the trip. It was fun, we didn’t plan long but we had so much fun and adventure. From the meeting in the bus station to the bus trip itself … the hotel … the rafting … the trip to the next town to going home … it was all an adventure and too bad we didn’t get to do it again, it was a one time deal but it made a really good impression on me that life is like that – full of adventure!

For this post I will showcase the North Philippines … our white water rafting adventure at the might Chico River, visit to the Callao Cave and more. Have fun!

More photos on Chico River White Water Rafting at It’s All About D – Snaps



  1. Elmer Nev Valenzuela · August 23, 2014

    Nice trip. What is that structure at the bottom, is that a cathedral. And that house with three levels?


    • Dee · August 23, 2014

      An old church during the Spanish time that was preserved by the province and the house with 3 level was also part of the history of the town when houses were used to be built that way … it was all for heritage 🙂
      Thanks for the appreciation


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